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5 CBD Displays Vape Displays More Effective Instore Merchandising

2024-05-13  |  By BWS

CBD and vape displays are different from other retail businesses as they involve relatively new products. The legal landscape surrounding CBD and vapes can be quite complex and varies significantly depending on the source and form of the product. For retailers, the CBD and vaping market represents both opportunities and challenges. By staying informed about the latest trends, regulations, and consumer preferences, retailers can position themselves as trusted sources of vape products and accessories while promoting responsible use and compliance with relevant laws.

So both CBD and vape are under careful regulatory scrutiny, and all require education at the point of sale. Today we are going to share 5 educational CBD displays and vape displays that are more effective for in-store merchandising.

1. Countertop acrylic vape displays

vape display

This is one of the CBD vape displays that are designed with a 7-shelf gravity-fed acrylic display, we focused on bringing attention to the Santeer brand but also clearly identifying the company’s different products and distinct product applications. We are generally not a fan of text-heavy graphics, but the educational requirements are high in the CBD space and we believe consumers will take the time to read and learn about the products.

2. LED lighting Vape displays

vape displays

This vape Display Stand is a modern countertop display made from high-quality acrylic. This eye-catching 4-tier exhibition stand is designed for brand marketing and features a custom brand logo on top and brand graphics on the sides. One of the standout features of this e-cigarette display stand is its built-in LED lighting, which not only enhances the overall appearance but also draws attention to your products. The combination of custom branding and LED lighting makes this display truly unique and eye-catching.

3. Floor 4-way vape display

cigarette display stand


This is a 4-way freestanding display stand. It is 1490.2*450*350mm and it is made of metal with detachable shelves. There are 4 shelves in every layer, this is a 6-layer cigarette display stand, and it has 24 shelves to display e-cigarettes. The product images on the edge of the shelves make it easy for customers to know the products. The custom die-cut header has the brand logo Ifeeling on both sides, while there are full-length graphics on 4 sides, and custom product graphics on the base. With 4 casters, it can move around easily.

4. Countertop tall acrylic vape display

vape displays

This is one of the vape displays designed with a small footprint for the convenience store market. Featuring all-acrylic construction, this 4-shelf display includes direct printed front and side graphics and a rear access door. A custom brand logo is shown on the header and the website is shown on the base. Besides, there is a slogan shown on two sides. It is useful because it can showcase more than vapes, CBDs, cigarettes, and other small packing products.

5. One of the wooden vape displays

vape displays

This is one of the 3-tiered counter vape displays made of wood, we also can make 4-tiers vape displays or floor vape displays. We added direct printed header and shelf graphics, a digitally printed PVC back panel graphic, and a product pusher system on the middle tier. It is eye-catching with green graphics on the back panel and fake grass in front of the first tier.

Above all 5 CBD vape displays are customized according to clients’ needs. If you need custom displays for your brand products, please feel free to contact us now. We have been a factory of custom displays for more than 20 years, we can help you make the displays you are looking for. After we understand your specific needs, a 3D mock-up will be provided for free within 24 hours. We are sure you will be happy if you work with us, we provide custom designs with your brand logo to fit your products.


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