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5 New Creative Fishing Pole Displays For Fishing Products Retail Store

2023-11-29  |  By BWS

We have shared one post for 5 fishing rod displays, and today we share 5 fishing pole displays with you. The global fishing rods market, valued at USD 1.03 billion in 2021, is projected to reach USD 1.62 billion by 2030, with a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 5.13% from 2022 to 2030, according to a market report. The market’s expansion is propelled by the increasing popularity of recreational fishing, particularly in countries like the U.K., Japan, and Australia.

More and more people love fishing because fishing has gained favor for its recreational and skill-enhancing aspects, offering both challenge and creativity. Fishing pole displays are designed to showcase fishing products like fishing rods, fishing poles, etc. We have worked for different fishing brands, such as Ugly Stick, 13 Fishing, Rapala, and more. Here are the examples.

5 Fishing Pole Displays are below

1. Shimano fishing rod display

This fishing rod display is made of metal and wood, which is strong and steady. It is painted and powdered black, with a full-length back panel with the brand logo Shimano. It can showcase 30 fishing poles at the same time. It is a knocked down design which means it has a small packing. You can see it works well in trade shows, and it works well in retail stores too.

fishing pole display

2. Rapala fishing rod display

This Rapala fishing rod rack is made of wood in black painting. It can showcase fishing rods on double sides too. It can hold 48 fishing rods at the same time. To protect the fishing rods, there are laser-cut holders at the top to keep the rods in order and safe. Custom brand logo screen-printed on the base, a slant wood sheet which is easy to notice. Besides, this wood fishing rod rack is a knock-down design, it can be packed in one carton.

wooden fishing rod rack

3. Blood Run fishing pole display

This fishing pole display stand is a double-sided display rack too, it can showcase 24 fishing rods at a time, 12 pieces on one side. There are 3 hooks on two sides, a total of 6 hooks to help you showcase fishing lines or fishing lures.  Both the top and base have a brand logo and Blood Run. To increase brand awareness, we added a full-length PVC middle white panel with a black brand logo.

retail fishing rod display rack

4. FS fishing rod display

This is a similar design to Blood Run. So it has the same features.

fishing pole display

5. 3-sided fishing pole display

This fishing pole display stand is made of wood acrylic and metal. It is a three-sided display stand that can showcase 21 fishing poles at the same time. It has a round base, which is stable and has a smaller footprint. A custom brand logo can be printed on the middle pole on 3 sides. The 3 acrylic sheets are decorating the display stand. It is really nice. There is a foam that can hold the fishing rods very well and protect them from falling down. It is also a knocked down design but can be set up within 10 minutes.

fishing pole display

Above are 5 fishing pole displays we are sharing today. They have something in common.

1.  4 of them are double sided display. Multi-sides displays can make the best use of the retail space, and it is for consumers to see products both front and back. It is a good choice.

2. All of them are knocked down design. Shipping costs play an import share in the unit costs. So a smaller packing is good choice. It protects the fishing pole displays from damage and saves shopping costs at the same time.

3. All of them with brand logo. Brand logo is the core difference for custom displays, it is tell your products are special and shares your brand culture. So if you need custom display, do not forget to add your brand logo on.

Do you like these fishing pole displays? If you want to make your brand fishing rod displays, please feel free to contact us. We will be glad to help you. We have more than 20 years experience in custom display, we are sure you will be happy when you work with us.


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