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Custom Great Cardboard Display Rack Promotes Products In 5 Styles

2024-03-4  |  By BWS

What is a cardboard display rack?

A cardboard display rack is a corrugated display that’s a way to show products, communicate their benefits, and make these new items available to consumers. There are 5 styles of cardboard display racks, these are floor cardboard display rack, countertop display rack, pallet display, kick side display, and dump bin.

Floor cardboard display rack

The floor cardboard display racks are commonly known as free-standing displays, they are ideal for retail or exhibition environments. These displays can be placed at the end of isles or as the same suggests the displays be placed on the floor so that consumers can walk all the way around.

Below are 4 examples, these display stands are sturdy and showcase different products in retail stores or retail shops, brand stores, or supermarkets. These displays are more than showcasing products, but also for branding and advertising. They are with shelves or hooks which are easy to set up.

paper display rack

Countertop cardboard display rack

Custom-designed counter display units range from a simple cardboard display made from a tray with a header to tiered countertop point-of-sale displays that organize and present your products beautifully. choosing a custom-designed countertop point-of-sale display will help distinguish your products from your competition. Below are 3 countertop display racks for your reference.

cardboard display rack

Kick side displays

Power wing displays, someone called cardboard sidekick displays, enable you to increase your product sell-through at the retail level. Power wings /sidekicks are designed to hang on the sides of an end cap display or fixture. Most of these retail POP displays ship pre-packed for quick setup. They make the best use of your table space and they are also customized for branding and advertising.

Here is one of the kick-side cardboard display racks we made for your reference below.

cardboard display rack

Pallet display rack

Pallet Shippers -ideal for easy merchandising of large volumes of product. Pallet shippers can be used to ship bulk quantities straight onto the shop floor using hand pallet trucks and forklifts. This makes it easier and more convenient for retailers to display your products and improves the chances of prime location placement of your products in-store.

By attracting consumers’ attention to new products and ranges, highlighting improvements within an existing range, encouraging impulse purchases, or simply boosting the profile of an established brand, we will help you find the perfect package, By supplying your product in a quality Pos display you reduce the chance of consumers buying rival brands and at the same time support the retailer in your marketing campaign.

Below are pallet cardboard display racks for your reference.

pallet cardboard display rack

Dump bins

The Retail Bin also known as Dump Bin is ideal for displaying a large range of products and special offers, This is an excellent solution that is supplied flat packed and ready to pop into action. simply push down the inner platform and the retail bin becomes rigid. Then slot in the header and load with products. Here are 2 examples for your reference.

dump bin

Above are 5 styles of cardboard display racks are that commonly used in retail stores for promotion and brand building. If you need cardboard display boxes, we also can work for you. Below is a cardboard display box we made for Liujo.

countertop display case

As a factory of custom displays for more than 20 years, we can help you meet all retail display needs. You can customize your brand displays in size, logo, color, material, etc. We can make metal, wood, acrylic, cardboard, and PVC displays with different accessories such as locks, LED lighting, LCD players, and more.

Contact us now if you need more designs or want to turn your display ideas into reality. We will be happy to work for you and you will be happier when you get your displays.


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