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5 New Floor Display Stands Useful for Your Branding, Merchandising

2024-03-16  |  By BWS

Custom Floor display stands play a crucial role in point-of-purchase marketing initiatives, influencing buying decisions at the moment of sale. Positioned strategically near checkout counters or high-traffic areas, these floor display stands serve as last-minute impulse purchase triggers, prompting customers to add complementary items to their shopping carts.

With eye-catching designs and persuasive messaging, floor display stands capitalize on impulse buying behavior, effectively increasing average transaction values and driving incremental sales. Floor display stands also facilitate product sampling and demonstrations, allowing customers to experience products firsthand before making purchase decisions. By offering experiential marketing experiences, floor display stands enhance customer satisfaction and drive sales conversions.

Floor display stands serve as powerful tools for increasing the visibility of products and brands. The prominent placement of logos, graphics, and product information on these stands reinforces brand recognition, fostering a lasting impression on consumers.

Here are 5 floor display stands

1. A double sided floor display stand for Archteck

floor display stands

This is a freestanding metal display stand with detachable hooks on each side. It is multifunctional to showcase more than socks, keychains and other hanging items. It is durable and has a long lifetime. For its knocked-down design, the flat packing is small. It saves shipping costs and can make better use of the container. It is easy to assemble the display rack, you only need to screw it up.

2. 7-tier paint display stand

paint display rack

This floor display rack is strong and stable because it is made of metal wires and tubes. It has a large capacity and can hold more than 670 bottles of spray paints together. Besides, it is movable with 4 casters, this spray paint display rack is easy to place in different places to fit different display needs. The brand’s logos and graphics are shown on 3 sides of the display rack, top, bottom, and right. It is decorating the display rack and making it unique.

3. 6-tier metal display shelf

mug display rack

There are 6 tiered shelves which are made of metal sheets. It is functional. It can showcase more than water bottles, but other liquor bottles, such as paint bottles and other products. With a full-length graphic on 2 sides and a custom graphic on the top, it is attractive. Besides, there 5 hooks which can hang accessories. It is also a movable display rack.

4. 4-way hanging clothing display rack

Clothing store display rack

This custom clothing store display rack creates brand recognition with a custom brand logo header. It can display a variety of clothes, underwear, pants, shirts, dresses, and more in retail stores. Made of metal tubes and sustainable wood, the clothing store display rack is sturdy and stable. With metal straight arms on 2 sides to attach to the slat tube, it can meet different display needs.

5. Rotatale floor display stand for hanging items

toy display stand

This is a 4-way display stand that is revolving, it is nice for hanging items promotion, such as toys, keychains, snacks, hair accessories, etc. It is durable and movable, even though, there are 5 casters on the base, it is even. As it is made of metal sheets which makes it has a long lifetime. Besides, there are many small holes in the back panels, which make it lighter for shipment. The holes are for hanging different lengths and types of pegs and hooks to show different products.

Above are just 5 of the floor display stands we have made, we have been a factory of custom displays for more than 20 years, we can help you make floor display stands if you need, no matter you need metal displays, wood displays or cardboard displays, PVC and acrylic are common materials we use for custom displays. You can customize your brand logo, size, graphics, and materials.

You will have the 3D mockup to check what your products look like on the display stand for free. Contact us now if you want more designs for reference and need help to design the display fixtures to fit your products and branding.


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