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Why do you need a sample?

Prototyping or samples are very necessary for both of us to test function, dimensions and check the overall effect, looking, surface, color, logo, packaging, etc.

How to make a prototying?

To make your brand display prototyping, we need to know your needs first. Below is an example of a jewelry display stand sample. This display stand was made for Arkano, whose jewelry conquers world markets by positioning itself in the best showcases in the world: the United States, Russia, Middle East, Western and Eastern Europe.

  1. The buyer shared with us a photo of the design he wanted. And if you do not have a reference design photo, you can give a raw draft. We can design and turn it into a 3D drawing for you.

jewelry display stands

2. We discussed with the buyer and knew the specifications of the bracelet and necklace, and knew what size the jewelry display stand should be, we made a drawing for it.

jewelry display stands

From the above drawing, you can see the overall size is 300*230*274mm, the base is like a pillar.

jewelry display stands

This is drawing of the two cards for necklaces. They are part of the back panel. The V-shape cut are for necklaces. You can see the dimensions very well in this drawing.

jewelry display stands

Here is the drawing of the overall design, this display stand is made of MDF with black painting.

1 is the base, 2 is the pillar for bracelets or watches, 3 is the back panel with rose gold color brand logo, 4 is the cards for displaying necklaces.

This drawing shows what the back panel is component. There are three wood cards, two of them are cut for necklace, one is with the brand logo in the middle.

3. After the drawing was confirmed, we made the prototyping all by hand. We chose the quality MDF, laser cut the shape according to the drawing.

4. When the sample was finished, we assembled it to check the details.


In order to project jewelry, we wrapped the MDF card with EVA, which is soft and friendly to jewelry.

Here is another example of a clothing display stand.

The buyer told us he needed a floor-standing clothing display stand that should be with casters and made of wood and metal. He was open to the design. After knowing his clothing specification, we designed it like this.

clothing display stand

This clothing display stand is made of metal and MFC, the dimension is 931.8*610*2200(mm), so it can hang clothing in 2 lines at least.  It has 5 shelves, 4 hooks holder with 6 pcs hooks(removable and changeable location), screen printing big logo on the top of all wooden panels, 4 wheels on the bottom, divide all wooden panels into 2 parts to control packing box
dimension. We provided the 3D rendering before prototyping.

clothing display stand

After the buyer confirmed that this design was nice and he liked it, we made prototyping for it. Here is the photo.

clothing display stand

How long does it take to make prototyping?

It depends on the constructions. Normally for simple samples, it takes around a week from start to finish. For complicated displays, it will need several days more.

What are the payment terms?

For prototyping, all work is hand-made. As samples are customized, the sample cost should be prepaid. We provide Ex-works price. The samples are shipped by express like UPS, FedEx, DHL. If you do not need the sample for testing by yourself, we can take photos and videos for you to check the samples. It is cost-effective, as the shipping cost is saved.

What have we made?

Here 4 of the display stands we have made. And buyers are happy with them.

custom display stand

Make a sample for the display stand you are looking for? Contact us now. Send an e-mail to Jessie, hj@bwsdisplays.com now.


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