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How To Use Fishing Rod Racks To Display Fishing Rods, 5 Useful Designs

2024-06-30  |  By BWS

Fishing rod racks are customized to showcase fishing rods in retail stores. BWS Displays has made many fishing rod displays for different clients, and we are experts in fishing rod displays. We have been a factory of custom displays for more than 20 years, we are sure that you will be satisfied if you work with us for customized display racks, no matter if you need wood displays, metal displays, acrylic displays, or cardboard displays, even PVC displays, we can meet your specific needs.

Today, we are going to share with you 5 useful fishing rod racks.

1. The first design of the 5 fishing rod racks is a double-sided display stand. This retail fishing rod display rack for retail stores is similar to the design we made for 6 Sense, FS, and 13 Fishing. As you can see below, this design is made for Blood Run, which was established in 2008. Fast forward years later and Blood Run Fishing has become one of the most highly regarded fishing brands in North America. Just like their philosophy, use the best tackle and equipment in the right place at the right time and good things will happen.

This retail fishing rod rack is the right place to hold fishing rods and fishing poles in the right place: retail stores.

retail fishing rod display rack

2. The second design is still a round shape fishing rod display rack.

This is a round shape freestanding fishing rod display rack that is made of metal, wood, and PVC graphics. It is 550*550*800mm which fits the fishing rods. Both the top and the base are made of wood, and the top is with custom graphics and brand logos. The base part is with die-cut holes to hold fishing rods. The middle body is made of a metal frame with interchangeable PVC graphics, which gets more attention from fishing lovers.

fishing rod display rack

3. The third design of the fishing rod racks is a single-side floor display.

Below fishing rod racks are single-sided display stands which are easy to assemble. They are made of wood with EVA holders. It can hold 6 fishing rods at the same time. The custom brand logo is printed on the back panel. It is visual merchandising with attractive PVC graphics. You can change the graphics easily. These fishing rod racks are painted black, which is easy to clean and classic.

fishing rod racks

4. Floor standing simple design fishing rod rack. This fishing rod display rack is 1200*350*1200mm and is made of a metal frame and wood shelves. The main features of this fishing rod rack are as follows. It is a simple design, which is cost-effective. But it is brand merchandising, the header is inserted which is interchangeable. The 3D-raised logo is for better brand awareness. The EVA holders are soft for fishing rods, which are better for protecting the rods. Besides, this fishing rod rack is lightweight with small packing and easy to assemble.

As you can see custom graphics are on two sides, it is a strong presentation of the brand logo and company image. Besides, it is functional, it can showcase fishing rods on both sides and it can showcase 36 fishing rod display racks at the same time.

fishing rod racks

5. The last one of these 5 fishing rod racks is a Dark Matter fishing rod display rack. It is similar to the first design, but it is a little different. The shelves for holding fishing rods are adjustable on the slat-back frame.

fishing rod rack

Above are 5 fishing rod racks that can help you showcase fishing rods in-store. They are useful tools and increase your brand awareness. If you need more information or want to make your brand logo fishing rod displays, please feel free to contact us. We will be happy to work for you with our more than 20 years of experience. We will provide you a 3D mockup within 12 hours after you confirm the design for free.


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