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5 Impressive Clothing Display Racks Maximize Sales and Build Brands

2023-09-6  |  By BWS

Clothing display racks are useful and impressive retail fixtures in the apparel industry, which is fast-paced, highly competitive, seasonal, and driven by constantly changing fashion trends. Clothing display racks are essential for survival in physical retail stores. To be effective, clothing displays need to be flexible and configurable to continue to be useful and relevant as products change in accordance with the fashion cycle.

Clothing display racks can be made of metal, wood, or combined to organize and showcase apparel in retail stores, which can maximize sales and build brands with custom graphics and brand logos. Today we are going to share with you 5 clothing display racks that are well-used in retail stores.

1. Natural Wood Metal Arm Clothing Display Rack

This clothing display rack is made of metal tube and sustainable wood, the clothing display racks are sturdy and stable. With metal straight arms on 2 sides, so you can hang different clothes on 2 sides. The metal tube with slat, so the faucet can be detached and adjusted to meet different display needs. The header with a metal frame, while the graphic is changeable. Besides, we designed a graphic holder on the front and backside, the graphic can show your brand culture.

clothing display rack

Below is a photo of this clothing display rack used in retail stores.

2. Clothing Rack With 6 Hooks

This clothing display rack is a free-standing display stand that is made of wood and metal. The top and base shelves are made of wood, while the frames are made of metal tubes, so do the hooks. The hooks are detachable to the metal frame which can hang and show garments on 4 sides. The top shelf is designed with a glorifier for the brand logo NNT, which stands for FIT FOR THE FRONTLINE. Besides, there is a laser-cut brand logo on two sides. And the base shelf can display other products like bags, shoes, and more.

clothing display rack

3. Clothing Display Rack Movable With 4 Casters

This free-standing clothing display rack is made of metal tube frames with wood back panels. It works with shelves, faceouts, waterfalls, and other accessories. The custom brand logo header creates visual interest and draws attention to the brand. This free-standing clothing display can showcase clothing and other products on three sides. There are 4 casters under the base, which makes it easy to move around. We incorporated a knock-down design and included shelves for folded garments.

free-standing clothing display

4. Eco-Friendly Clothing Display

This garment rack is a sustainable option that combines a rack with merchandising shelves, leaving you with a small footprint and a big payoff. It has a 41″ clothing rack bar and is in a 70″ thick plywood construction, which is 100% recyclable material. This garment rack display features 4 wooden shelves on either end of the garment rack, a clothing rack in the center, two large middle frames for merchandise or signage, and requires no tools or hardware to assemble. Made from high-quality plywood, this durable unit provides a solid and stable base on which to sell your products.

garment rack

5. 2-way Clothing Display Rack With Casters

This clothing display rack combines wood shelves with a metal structure. It is stable and strong. This clothing rack is functional to meet different display needs. It is a double-sided slotted upright column and a center hanging bar to give this display ultimate reconfigurability. It works with shelves, side signs, faceouts, waterfalls, and other accessories to showcase shirts, pants, t-shirts, and other apparel. It is visual merchandising. The dimensional header creates visual interest and draws attention to the brand. It is movable. This clothing rack is with 4 casters, so it is easy to move around.

Above are just 5 designs for your reference. You can tell us your requirements with a rough drawing or reference design, our team will work out a solution for you. Why choose us?

We are a factory designing and manufacturing customized displays for more than 20 years.
Our strengths:
1. More than 20 years of experience
2. Over 300 workers and 30,000 square meter scale
3. Have oversea designers and partners
4. Combine comprehensive materials, acrylic, metal, and wood in-house
5. Strict quality control for every process with pictures and videos to show you
6. Have worked for Google, Facebook, Lancome, Revlon, Adidas, Coco Cola, Pepsi, Under Amour, Dyson, Shimano, Ugly, Coros, Happy Socks, etc.
6. Lifetime after-sales service


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