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5 Practical Cardboard Floor Display Revolutionize Your Retail Space

2024-04-20  |  By BWS

Last time, we shared a post with cardboard display racks that promote products in 5 styles, they are cardboard floor displays, countertop cardboard displays, kickside displays, dump bins and pallet displays. We know that cardboard displays have a lot of advantages, they are portable, eco-friendly, durable and versatile for showcasing products and building brands. Today, we are going to share 5 cardboard floor displays that help you revolutionize your retail space.

1. Cardboard floor display with hooks

This retail cardboard display stand has 20 detachable hooks that can showcase a variety of products, from keychains to headphones, snacks to cosmetics. The hooks provide a simple yet effective way to hang items, allowing for easy browsing and accessibility for customers. Additionally, the accessibility offered by the hooks encourages interaction, allowing shoppers to touch and feel the merchandise, ultimately leading to increased engagement and sales.

cardboard floor display

2. Cardboard floor display with pockets

This cardboard display stand has 5 tiers, ten pockets for shirts. The display stand has a white back and black sides. Custom educational header with brand logo and QR, it is simple but useful. The base shows the brand logo too. Two sides are added full-length graphics to include product and lifestyle shots. This builds brand and educates customers. It is really nice to showcase T-shirts and other small items such as bottles, snacks and other products by changing the graphic.

cardboard display stands

3. Cardboard floor display with shelves

It is a 4-layer display stand that can hold 36 bags of dog food, which bears 18 kg at least. As a cardboard floor display stand, it is portable and in knock-down design so that it is easy to assemble (Assembly instructions will be provided). Small package means lower shipping costs.  The customized graphics is attractive and shows the features of the products, it is a silent sales man in the retail stores and supermarkets for pet products or other products if you change the graphic.

Cardboard POS Display

4. Cardboard floor display in pallets

Below is one of the t-shirt pallet displays which offers a cost-effective and space-efficient solution for showcasing large quantities of t-shirts, particularly for bulk items or seasonal merchandise. These displays leverage the inherent strength and durability of pallets while incorporating custom-designed cardboard components for branding and product presentation. Whether deployed in-store or at promotional events, pallet displays command attention and streamline inventory management, making them indispensable assets for retail operations.

cardboard floor display

5. Cardboard floor dump bin

This dump bin is eye-catching with black and yellow graphics in 4 ways. Dump bins offer a versatile solution for displaying bulk or discounted items with maximum impact. With cardboard boxes on the top, this dump bin is practical and showcasing mobile accessories. Positioned strategically throughout the store, these bins encourage browsing and facilitate quick product selection. Their open design invites interaction, allowing customers to sift through merchandise effortlessly.

Above are only 5 different designs of the cardboard floor display that can help you sell your products and build your brand. You can tell us your requirements and what products you need to showcase and how many you like to display at the same time, we will be glad to work out a solution for you. Below is the simple step to make your brand display stand at Bws Displays.

1. Confirm details
2. Quote according to the design
3. Make the drawing for approval
4. Place a PO if the price is ok
5. Make the first article for review (photos and video call confirmation)
6. Make the bulk production when the first article is approved.

We also provide you container layout if you order a container, we will help you arrange the shipment if do not have a forwarder. Contact us now if you need any help with custom displays, no matter you need cardboard displays, metal displays, wood displays or acrylic displays, our more than 20 years of experience will help you.


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