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Latest Countertop Headphone Display Rack LED Lighting With 4 Buttons

Latest Countertop Headphone Display Rack LED Lighting With 4 Buttons


Payment Terms:EXW, FOB Or CIF

Product Origin:China


Shipping Port:Shenzhen

Lead Time:30 Days

Service:Customization Service, Lifetime After-sales Service.

We shared a post about how headphone displays benefit you, which included headphone display racks. Custom headphone display racks are more than showcasing your headphones, and earphones, they do more. Whether you are going for a contemporary design or a new exciting display to attract your customers’ attention, you can get all the help you need at BWS Displays, you will find the right display solution for you.

There are floor-standing display racks, countertop display stands, wall wall-mounted display units to make the best use of the retail stores. Bws Displays can make all of them for you. We are going to show you an example of a custom countertop headphone display rack.

What are the features of this headphone display rack?

This headphone display rack is made for Shokz. Shokz is the world’s leading pioneer in Open-Ear technology. As of April 7, 2023, they have applied for 2,800+ patents worldwide, of which 950+ were granted. It is the leading brand in our market. As you can see below photo, this countertop headphone display rack is made of acrylic with a lighting back panel and brand logo. The lighting back panel shows a custom graphic that shows the product’s feature, the professional sports headphone. The lighting brand logo Shockz is raised out from the black back panel, it is attractive.

headphone display rack

For safety considerations, there is a cable to connect the headphone. There are 4 buttons for consumers to test the headphone, to control the voice column, and to choose the songs. On the black stand base, there is a white acrylic where the headphone is placed. The black headphone is so obvious on the acrylic base. To help consumers understand the headphone’s features better, there is one more graphic next to the headphone, the points of purchase are displayed to consumers. The model number is also showcased in the row of buttons.

From this headphone display rack, consumers know the brand, model, and features, and can test the sound and feel of the headphone in real, it is much better than online shopping and gives more reasons for making a purchase.  Here is a photo of a similar headphone display rack.

headphone display rack

This headphone display rack has the same features as above, just the part next to the white acrylic base is different. There is a clear acrylic cover for this part, keeping the two earphones from dust and moist, while, the earphones are directly shown to consumers. The model name Openfit is in white, which is outstanding on the black base. Do not miss the features! There is one more black acrylic sheet that is printed with the features of this earphone.

All displays we make are customized according to the client’s specific display needs. You can change the design and make your brand logo headphone display rack if you share your requirements.

How to make your brand headphone display rack?

It is easy to make your brand headphone display rack or earphone display rack. We need to understand your needs first. No matter what kind of display you need, you can find a solution at BWS Displays. We will guide you step by step, and you will enjoy the process. Confirm your needs, make a sample, your approval for the sample, mass production, safety packing, quality control and delivery, these are the common steps. If you want to try your next project with us or have any question to make your brand display, please contact us now.

Here is one more headphone display rack design for your reference.

headphone display rack

This headphone display rack is with an LCD player, which gives a vivid presentation to consumers.

If you need any help with custom displays, our more than 20 years of experience will help you.


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