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Custom Shoe Display Rack Affordable 2-way Rolling Shoe Rack

Custom Shoe Display Rack Affordable 2-way Rolling Shoe Rack


Payment Terms:EXW, FOB Or CIF

Product Origin:China


Shipping Port:Shenzhen

Lead Time:30 Days

Service:Customization Service, Lifetime After-sales Service.

Why do you need a shoe display rack?

While a number of shoes can be sold online, many people did not get the right size of shoes when they buy online. In fact, the pair of shoes that fit well is the best. So many shoes are still purchased in physical retail stores because consumers prefer to touch and wear the shoes before making a purchase. Therefore, effective merchandising of shoes continues to play an important role in converting shoppers to customers.

It’s important to choose the right displays, maximizing product exposure by positioning-related items for up-selling and cross-selling. A shoe display rack is one of the choices. It directly impacts profit and efficiency for stores and service businesses alike. Well placed shoe display rack can get more attention and determine customer traffic flow.


shoe display rack

To view the video of the display rack, click below.

How to choose a shoe display rack?

There are many kinds of shoe displays for shoe stores. There are freestanding display racks, floor standing display stands, countertop display racks, wall display shelves, display tables, display risers, and display cabinets. Different shoe display solution brings different style.

To choose the right shoe display rack, there are a few considerations.

  1. The layout of your shoe store
  2. The style of the shoes you sell
  3. Where the shoes are displayed
  4. The budget for merchandising

For below shoe display rack takes little space. It is made for displaying flip flops double sides. As the flip flops are easy to be hung, we designed the shoe display rack with detachable hooks on double sides. The sneakers are colorful, we made the colorful sign on the sides and interchangeable header to match the flip flops. As the seller has many stores in different shopping environments, we designed the display rack with wheels which is easy to move around. It is not limited to being used in-store, it can be used outdoor in shopping malls too.

The value of the flip flops decides the merchandising fixture. As well known, China produces 51% of the world’s steel supply and continues to hold a strong cost advantage. This shoe display rack is made of metal tubes and metal wire. The 5mm metal wire hook is strong enough to hold 5 pairs of flip flops at the same time. With a black powder coating, it looks beautiful and easy to clean.


shoe display rack

How to make the shoe display rack?

It is easy to make the shoe display rack. Below is how we made this flip flops display rack.

First, we need to know the size of the flip flops and where the flip flops will be displayed. And how many flip flops be displayed at the same time. You can send us your product’s dimensions or pictures, samples, or a draft of the display you are looking for.

After knowing this information, we designed the shoe display rack as below, making the overall height to be 1450mm which is easy for shoppers to get. And we left a 250mm gap between the hooks that there is enough space to hang and pick the flip flops.


shoe display rack

In order to display 96 pairs of flip flops at the same time, we designed the shoe display rack to be double-sided, with 12 hooks on each side, each hook can hold 4 pairs of flip flops, so the shoe display rack can display 48 pairs of flip flops one side at the same time.

shoe display rack

Second, we knew the shoe display rack should be eye-catching, so we added a sign to two sides, instead of only a sign on the header.

shoe display rack


Third, The cost is important for the customer, we used a metal grid wall back panel and made a frame with metal tubes, which saves material. We also care about the shipping cost. So we designed the shoe display rack to be knock-down style.


shoe display rack


Fourth, after confirming the design details, we sent the rough drawing and 3D drawing with his flip-flops for your reference.

shoe display rack


The customer was satisfied with the design, then we made the sample for the customer to check everything before mass production.

Fifth, after the sample was approved, we arranged mass production. We took care of details during the production, assembled the shoe display rack, and test the function.

At last, we made a safety package by adding foam to protect the shoe display rack.

Is it easy to assemble the shoe display rack?

Yes, it is. Hicon provides customer Assembling Instructions in detail. Below is how to assemble the shoe display rack. First, you need to check all parts lists to make sure all the parts are included. Then screw the wheels on, and then use the screws to add the sides sign to the main body. Add the hooks and header, then all the assembling is done. It is easy, it only takes one person around 5 minutes.


shoe display rack


As you can see, the shoe display rack is completed easily. We have over 20 years of experience on custom display racks. If you need more designs, just contact us. We will be glad to work for you.


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