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2-way Wooden Brand Sign Increase Visual Appealing For Retail Stores

2-way Wooden Brand Sign Increase Visual Appealing For Retail Stores


Payment Terms:EXW, FOB Or CIF

Product Origin:China


Shipping Port:Shenzhen

Lead Time:30 Days

Service:Customization Service, Lifetime After-sales Service.

Brand signs are important for retail stores, they show your brand logo and brand graphic to shoppers and help them remember your brand and products. Your brand sign is often the first thing that a new customer sees in your business. Make their first impression a memorable one so that they won’t easily forget your business and will remember to come back. Custom brand signs evoke positive emotions like friendliness, confidence, professionalism, and dependability.

There are different material brand signs, acrylic, metal, wood, and more. Today, we are sharing with you a wooden brand sign that is made for Local Coast, a veteran-owned performance fishing apparel company. They work to create great American fishing apparel to have you prepared, to both battle and enjoy the elements. Whether fishing inshore or offshore, being dressed for the occasion is our number one priority.

What are the features of this brand sign?

This brand sign is square like a block. It is made of wood with light blue paint, it can be used for many years to come. With large, properly spaced letters and graphics double sides in a color that stands out from the white background, this brand sign is in a prominent, easy-to-see location. As you see it makes the brand stand out from the competition and attracts customers’ attention, this brand sign communicates a positive, attractive message about the company.

brand sign

The size of this brand sign is 326*165*50 mm, and it is stable on the tabletop.  You don’t need to install it, you can put it directly on the table when you take it out from the carton. Of course, this is the sign for Local Coast, you can change the design like size, color, and material to make your brand sign. It is easy for us to show you what your brand sign looks like if you send us your logo file and graphic.

brand sign

How to make your brand sign?

To make your brand signages, it is the same process to make custom POP displays. Brand logo signs are one of the brand merchandising fixtures in the stores. No matter what kind of signs you need, we will work out a display solution for you. Tabletop signs, wall wall-mounted signs are commonly used in retail stores. Below are the general steps to make your brand logo sign.

1. Understand your needs. We need to know where you want to show your brand sign, on the tabletop or on a wall. For tabletop signs, should be in a suitable size, for example, a size of A4 paper is ok. For hanging on the wall, it should be much larger, so consumers can see your brand logo easily. Below is one example we gave the suggestion to Binkybro because the buyer told us that he needed a tabletop sign display.

wood sign

The second step is to confirm the design. We sent reference designs to the buyer and told him that their brand logo could be added on both sides of the sign block. Below is the other design we sent for his reference. We understand it is not easy to make a decision before we know the result. But different designs give different feelings.

wood sign

A sample is never outdated. We need to see what it is like. There is a distance between ideal and reality. It works for displays too. There is a difference between an idea and a prototype. We take photos and videos during the process, we only show how the sample is made and how it works for the buyer.

When we get your approval of the sample, mass production will be followed. Quality is always the most important thing during the production. High-quality product is the core of purchasing. We know how to control the quality and make it the same as the approved sample. We keep the records, use the quality material, measure the size, and check the finishing at least 3 times during the production process.

Packing is also important. It is very important for transportation. We evaluate the packing and make dropping tests to make sure there is no damage during the transportation process.

We do not stop offering service after delivery. If you have any questions, you can contact us at any time. Our aim is to make you satisfied.


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