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2 Way Functional Wood Sock Display With Strong Hooks For Retail

2 Way Functional Wood Sock Display With Strong Hooks For Retail


Payment Terms:EXW, FOB Or CIF

Product Origin:China

Color:Black, wood

Shipping Port:Shenzhen

Lead Time:30 Days

Service:Customization Service, Lifetime After-sales Service.

This 2-way wood sock display is one of the popular sock display racks we made. We have designed and made many different sock display racks. You can click the link to view more designs. Today we are going to share more about this 2-way wood sock display.

Why did we design this wood sock display?

This wood sock display is designed for Lix Design. It is a brand the Owner and creator of the brand is passionate about design. Creation is, for her, a means of expression used to free her spirit and dare the unknown. The launch of this brand is the culmination of several years of work. Finally, she succeeded in uniting her two passions: creation and family.

sock display

This wood sock display is modified according to the below design which we made for Thought. Lix wants to show more socks to showcase different styles of socks on one display. After getting the size of their socks, we made some small changes.

wood sock display

1. Change the double hook to a single hook, you can hang different socks and take them down more easily. We’ve listened to the client’s needs and made changes. Say goodbye to double hooks and hello to single hooks! With the new single hook design, you can easily hang different socks and retrieve them with ease.

2. Building brand recognition is essential, that is why we’ve made the Lix Design logo more prominent on this wood sock display. Located at the top part of the black back panel, the enlarged brand logo makes a bold statement, instantly catching the eye of customers. Additionally, the slogan, “Dare to Unknown,” is prominently displayed alongside the logo, reflecting our commitment to innovation and adventure.

3. We understand that one size does not fit all when it comes to sock storage. That’s why we’ve enhanced the functionality of our sock rack by adding three rows of hooks on the other side.  Now, you can store even more socks without sacrificing space or organization. With three rows of hooks, you’ll have ample storage for your entire sock collection, ensuring every pair has its designated place.

wood sock display

4. To enhance convenience for buyers, we’ve incorporated a turntable under the base of the wood sock display. This innovative feature allows the display rack to rotate smoothly, providing customers with easy access to all sides of the rack. Now, shoppers can browse through the sock selection effortlessly, making their shopping experience more enjoyable and efficient.

5. We’ve taken shopper interaction to the next level by adding an interactive element to the base of this sock rack. A social slogan encourages customers to connect with us on social media, fostering a sense of community and engagement. Additionally, a QR code provides instant access to exclusive content, promotions, and product information, directly enhancing the shopping experience.

Here are more photos of this wood sock display below.

wood sock display

This photo shows the front side of the sock display showcasing socks in 2 rows with 8 hooks.

wood sock display

This is the back of the sock display rack, which has 3 rows with 12 hooks for hanging socks. The QR code is shown on the base. This wood sock display is easy to assemble and all the pegs are detachable. The packing size of this sock display is small. So the shipping costs are much cheaper.

BWS Displays has been a factory of custom displays for more than 20 years. You can contact us any time if you need custom displays. Whether you need custom wood display stands, metal display racks, acrylic displays, or cardboard displays, we can design and craft them for you. We will provide you with free 3D rendering to confirm the design is what you are looking for.

Our rich experience can help you enhance your brand presence with customized displays that align with our brand identity and resonate with high-end stores. Contact us now if you need any help with custom displays.


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