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Creative Socks Display Ideas 4-way Floor Display Spinner For Socks

Creative Socks Display Ideas 4-way Floor Display Spinner For Socks


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How to display socks?

Socks display ideas to display your socks or hosieries in a creative way are necessary. The global socks market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 6.0% from 2019 to 2025 to reach USD 63.51 billion by 2025. On average, people own 10-20 pairs. Generally, 6-12 pairs of socks are used in a regular weekly cycle, plus 2 -7 pairs of socks that are used for special occasions. And we lose an average of 15 pairs of socks a year. We need to buy socks every year.

There are a large number of socks brands across the world, such as Champion, TipiToe, Hanes, BlueQ, and many others, that use push strategies to sell the bulk quantity of socks and supply socks to retail stores and other shops.

Creative socks display ideas,  such as using custom pop sock displays are really useful to stand out among competitors. BWS is a factory of custom displays to help you be the winner. We have made sock displays for Nike, Blue Q, Happy Socks as well as Banfolk. Today, we are sharing with you a 4-way floor display for socks, which is rotatable.

What are the features of this floor display for socks?

This is one of the creative socks display ideas, it is useful for retail stores and other shops to get the attention of shoppers and lure them to make a purchase. It is made for Funatic. Funatic makes hilarious funny, edgy, pop-culture-inspired socks that appeal to men and women from 10 – 100. They’ll all make you feel good, so spice up your feet with Funatic!

As you see below photos, the first feature of this floor display for socks is 2087mm high with a base width of 479.5mm. It is floor-standing and movable. There are 5 casters on the base, and 3 of them are with brakes.

The second feature is attractive. There is a 25mm MDF die-cut header with a custom brand sign, and 4 full-length graphics on the sides, which are made of PVC.  These graphics are screwed to the floor display for socks, they are interchangeable with new graphics when they look old.

The third feature is rotatable but stable that’s why we say it is one of the creative socks display ideas.  It is made of metal tubes and metal wire, there are bearings that make it rotate 360 degrees, but it is stable and sturdy. It is really convenient for shoppers to choose the sock by turning it around.

The fourth feature is a large capacity. This floor display for socks has 60 hooks in total which can display at least 180 pairs of socks at the same time.

As for the color, you can see it is powder-coated black, which is suitable because socks are colorful.

socks display ideas

One more feature, this floor display for socks is a knock-down design, it can metal parts can be packed in one carton. And graphics are packed separately.

How to make your brand sock displays?

All sock displays are customized according to each client’s needs.

Firstly, confirm needs. You should let us know your need and requirements in detail. You can send us pictures and provide details for your socks or hosiery, if you can ship us a few samples, it is more useful. Telling us your socks display ideas by sharing pictures, sketches, or drawings or more information about your brand, marketing plan, and budget is helpful for us to customize and design for you.

Custom Design: Our team will send you a drawing and give you an estimated price according to your socks display ideas.

Prototype: A sample is needed to test function, size, appearance, packaging, and more details. We will make a sample for you after you confirm the design. For this case, below are the sample photos with sock samples.

sock display ideas

Mass production: Once you confirm the sample, price, quality, delivery, and all necessary information, as well as pay for the deposit, we will start mass production. We have a QC team to check the quality from beginning to end. Our people will provide you with photos and videos during the whole mass production, especially the important steps and processes. You can inspect finished mass production in our factory before paying the balance.

Shipping: If you need our help with shipping or delivery, our team can help you find suitable shipping solutions or cooperate with your own shipping agents to arrange loading and shipping for you.

Why choose BWS Displays?

BWS is a factory, we have metal workshops, acrylic workshops, wood workshops. We can make sock displays in-house which is important to make sure stable quality and to deliver on time.


Our workers have rich experience in custom displays because most of them work here since our factory started. Our sales have the alibility of giving professional advice and solving some engineering questions face by face.

Besides, we have more than 10 years of experience in custom displays, our experience will help you get the right sock display solution. Below are some socks display ideas for your reference. We can turn your socks display ideas into reality with different materials, metal, wood, cardboard and more.

socks display ideas

If you need more socks display ideas or other display designs, please feel free to contact us. We will be glad to work for you.


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