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Premium 5-Tiers Custom Graphics Beverage Kiosk Design Displays Shelf

Premium 5-Tiers Custom Graphics Beverage Kiosk Design Displays Shelf


Payment Terms:EXW, FOB Or CIF

Product Origin:China


Shipping Port:Shenzhen

Lead Time:30 Days

Service:Customization Service, Lifetime After-sales Service.

How to display beverages?

Beverage kiosk design is important for beverage merchandising. The production, distribution, and sale of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages generate billions of dollars in the United States and worldwide every year.

Instore marketing remains a central part of the sales and marketing strategy of all of the big beverage brands. These brands understand that their products are both destination products as well as impulse products. For many shoppers, these products are part of their weekly shopping list, and they know exactly where to find their weekly fix among the inline assortment of beverage products.

Instore marketing fixtures are including beverage display rack, display stand, display shelf, display case and more. Today we share with you the beverage display shelf.

What are the features of this beverage kiosk design display shelf?

This is a cylindrical floor stand, the construction is simple while it is a knock-down package which saves packing costs and shipping costs. The key feature is the color and the graphic of this display shelf, light green, it is part of the natural color which indicates the raw material of the products are healthy. The entire frame can be decorated with advertising pictures to promote. It is a five-layer display, each layer is designed to display 20 bottles of soda or beverage, a very novel and stable design. The shoppers can take the bottles from both sides.

Beverage Kiosk Design Beverage Kiosk Design

Products Specification: beverage kiosk design

Kindly reminder:

We don’t retail and we don’t have stocks. All our display racks are custom-made.

You can decide the design, size, style, material, finishing effect and more. Below is some specification of this beverage display shelf.

Style  Floor-standing
Size 400*400*1500mm
Logo Customized logo
Material Metal
Color Green
MOQ 50 units
Sample Delivery Time 7 days
Bulk Delivery Time 30 days
Packaging Flat package in one carton,  size:1500*445*200mm
After-sales Service Start from sample order

Beverage Kiosk Design

How to make a custom beverage kiosk design display shelf?

We will follow the steps below to provide you with the most professional customized service.

  1. Firstly, our experienced sales team will listen to your display needs and fully understand your requirement.
  1. Secondly, our design & engineering teams will provide you with a drawing before making the sample.
  1. Next, we will follow your comments on the sample and improve it.
  1. After the beverage kiosk design sample is approved, we will start mass-producing.
  1. During the production process, Hicon will control quality seriously and test the product property.
  1. Finally, we will pack all of the beverage display racks and contact you to make sure everything is wonderful after shipment.


You May Also Like the Other Beverage Kiosk Design

The first beverage kiosk design is for beer. The most attractive point of this beer display is the “Apple and beer sign” header, right? Yes, you can show your beer brand logo and advertising content on the top. But the shape and color of this sign must get shoppers’ attention. Meantime, the style for this sign should tell the same story for your brand culture. If your brand logo is green in color, this apple better keeps green, too.

The second point of purchasing this beer display stand is two round plates made of wood material. It looks like a wine wooden barrel, right? Wine barrels easily let people think about wine. All these features are helpful for marketing and sales.

drink can display


The second beverage kiosk design is for Sauza. As we know, Sauza is one of the most popular alcohols in Mexico. especially Case Sauza. Sauza is the soul of Mexico. Sauza’s high quality and long-term history make it stand out of crowd. So the liquor pos display must keep the same high quality and uniqueness as Sauza spirits. The most special areas for this liquor store shelving should be three lemon signages and a big graphic with Sauza on the top, right? But all signs are just most supporting actors.

Actually, the leading actors are Sauza liquor bottles on three round shelves. All-round shelves are made from injection molding plastic, which is shaped in a special funnel design different from normal flat shapes. This kind of injection molding plastic shelf is very stable and durable. So it is very safe to put around 16 bottles of Sauza on each shelf.

We are very professional and experienced to design and fabricate other creative and unique liquor bottle display stands according to your brand and your spirits as long as you let us know what you need.

drink can display


Feedback & Witness

We believe in listening and respecting our clients’ needs and understanding their expectations. Our client-centered approach helps ensure that all of our clients receive the right service at the right time and by the right person.

Display Rack Customer


What We Can Make

Except for beverage kiosk design, We have customized thousands of personalized display racks for our customers, please check some designs below for your reference, you will know our customized craft and get more confidence about our cooperation.

Custom Display Rack


Two years limited warranty covers all our display products. We take responsibility for the defects caused by our manufacturing error.


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