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3-way Towel Display Rack Metal Hook Useful Tabletop Display Stand

3-way Towel Display Rack Metal Hook Useful Tabletop Display Stand


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Towel display racks are designed to showcase towels, there are so many towels in our daily lives, such as kitchen towels, dish towels, bath towels, golf towels in function and cotton towels, microfiber towels, and satin towels in the material. The global cotton towel market size was valued at $4.04 billion in 2022 & is projected to grow from $4.25 billion in 2023 to $6.36 billion by 2030. To fit the visual merchandising retail needs, a custom towel display rack is a useful tool in retail stores, supermarkets and other towel retail environments.

Today, we are going to showcase a golf towel display rack for you. The most obvious use for a golf towel is to keep your golf clubs clean. This is especially important when you consider the grooves on your club, which help with spin and accuracy on your shots. The golf towel display rack we are going to share today is for No Dirt Golf.  NO DIRT GOLF was founded in 2022 with one core goal – to enrich the player experience. Playing good golf is attainable for everyone who picks up the game and NO DIRT GOLF towels provide a player with the tools needed to have repeatable, crisp, ball striking.

What are the features of this towel display rack?

This towel display rack is a countertop display design, which is made of gray powdered metal with a nice edge finish on every side. It has 3 sides and 6 hooks to hang on golf towels. It can showcase 30 towels at the same time. With a raised white acrylic logo on the top for every side, it is easy for consumers to notice the brand. The size of this towel display rack is 285*285*720mm. It is for consumers to choose a towel at this height. It has a small footprint and works well on a tabletop. To protect users, there is no sharp edge on the base, you can see the base is in a hexagon.

towel display rack

Here are more photos of this towel display rack for your reference. From the below photo, you can see the raised white acrylic logo very well. The logo is outstanding on the back panel.


towel display rack

You can change the design according to your needs, you can change the color, size, logo, material, and more. You also can add a bearing under the base, making this towel display rack rotatable. BWS has been a factory of custom displays for more than 20 years, we know how to make your brand logo display rack to help you sell more in retail.

How to make your brand logo display rack?

When you contact us, we will guide you how to make your logo display rack. For this towel display rack buyer, he came to us with his towel size. He told us that he wanted to showcase hi towel on a tabletop, and his towel size is 16*39 inches. We sent him some reference designs and asked him how many towels he wanted to showcase simultaneously. After knowing the quantity and we discussed more details and then figured out that we would make a triangular display rack for him.

So if you need your brand logo display rack, we need understand what’s your products, and how many you like to showcase, where to add your brand logo, what type of logo you prefer. What material do you prefer? For lightweight products, you can choose acrylic, wood, metal, cardboard, PVC. For heavy products, metal and wood matreial be will be bettetr choice. Below is the mock up of the towel display rack in this post.

towel display rack

After confirm the design, we will send a flat drawing and mock up for you and make a sample for you if you do not need to change the design. It takes 7-10 days to finish a sample.

After you approve the sample, bulk order will be processed. It takes aroud 25-30 days to finish. We provide details and pictures and video for you during the production process.

Safety packing is important for long time transportation or express. We protect the display very well by making proper packing. Polyethylene foam and carton are always used to protect the displays.

We can help you arrange shipment or you can let your forwarder contact us to arrange the shipment for you. Anyway, if you need any help with custom displays, you can contact us at anytime. We will be glad to work for you. Here are some cap displays and sock displays we made for your reference.

cap display stand

sock display design


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