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5 Useful Cap Display Racks Designs for Retail Stores

2022-03-9  |  By BWS

Why do you need cap display racks?

Caps display racks are one of the good choices for retail stores, as caps, hats, knits, headbands, helmets and other types of headwear represent a huge product segment within the apparel category. With the growth of outdoor sporting activities, demographic shifts, and changing fashion trends, headwear is more popular in our daily life. More and more poeple need headwear products. How to display your headwear products in an effective way is more important to stand out among competitors?

Where are cap display racks used?

Cap display racks are useful for sports stores, clothing stores, as well as fashion stores.

5 cap display racks designs for reference

Today we share with you 5 useful cap display racks designs, which may give ideas for your next POP display project.

1. Pistil hat display rack

Pistil started its business in the outdoor industry in 2003, which takes accessories seriously, brings sophistication and considered design to this often-overlooked category. They make high-quality hats, caps, visors, beanies, headbands, scarves, handwear, and bags for active, fun-filled lives. Lighthearted style focused on function: that’s what makes a Pistil product.

So this Pistil hat display rack is made of wood and metal with grid panels for metal hooks. With different shapes of hooks, this display rack can show knits hats, end caps, headbands and more. The header is with a custom logo in wood color, so does the base. The frame is made of metal, which is powder-coated white. Two panels are crossed, so products can be shown on 4 sides. This design is very useful for retail stores.

cap display racks

2. Christine Headwear display rack

This headwear display rack is designed for House of Christine. With beautiful and unique designs Christine Headwear offers you a wide range of feminine, contemporary and versatile head coverings. An aesthetic collection made to give you the possibility of dressing up your life and lifestyle when experiencing hair loss. This display rack is made of metal sheets with a custom graphic on the top, which is sturdy and eye-catching. The black color is neat and nice. Brand logo on the top of the back panels of 4 sides which build the brand.


3. Sports cap display rack

This cap display rack is designed for displaying different sports caps, such as Under Armour, Nike and more. It is designed with logos are each cap holder and caps are shown on 4 sides, there are two mirrors on the top, which is friendly and useful for shoppers. Besides, shoppers can get what they need easily as it is rotatable.

4. Hat central display rack

This display rack is designed in double sides with cap pockets. The construction is easy, wood back panel with a metal frame. 4 casters make it easy to move around. Full-length graphics are on two sides. 4 cap pockets in 4 layers, which can display at least 90 caps on each side. The custom header is interchangeable.

5. Cap display tower

This display tower is a special design for caps retail stores. It is an 8 layer cap display tower without a custom header. While you can add the header easily as you can see the top is left space for the header. Each cap pocket can hold at least 5 caps, so you can display at least 40 caps at the same time. You can display different colors different brand caps in different pockets.


How to make your cap display racks?

We are a factory of custom display racks with over 10 years’ experience. We can help you turn your display idea into reality if you trust us. You only need to send us a reference design or rough drawing of the display rack you are looking for, we will give you the right display solution. Below photo is an example of how we make cap display racks, from drawing to final display assembling in house.

cap display racks

What have we made?

Here are displays we have made for your reference which will give you more confidence to work with us.

display stand

Start your next project now? Mail to jh@bwsdisplays.com now, you will get the right solution.

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