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Counterop Useful Cosmetic Display For Atina from Norway

2022-02-21  |  By BWS

Where is the countertop cosmetic display used for?

This cosmetic display stand is designed to work in ICON BEAUTY retail stores. It is useful though the construction is very simple, it can display different cosmetics at the same time, such as eyelashes, lipsticks, lip balms, nail polishes, eye brushes, eyeliners, and more.

Why did we make this simple display?

ICON BEAUTY is a Nordic indie brand that consists of a series of high-quality and vegan makeup and skincare products in Norway. And Atina told us that there are many different cosmetics in their brand and she would like a design that can meet different display needs. And it should be used for the countertop as she had floor displays.  And her brand should be shown on the display stand to get more notice.

As for the color, she said it should match the package of the cosmetics, the orange. She said orange is a color of active and positive, this is the same as the cosmetics package color. Understanding her needs in mind, we designed the countertop cosmetics display stand as below.

cosmetic display

What is the feature of this cosmetic display?

The display is simple, just a single layer with a back panel. Both custom logos were printed on the back panel and front base. While there are 15 square holes for holding lipsticks or eyeshadows or highlighters and more. And the holes are in two rows, the last row has a hole with a round shape, that is for brush, for cosmetics to test the cosmetics.

The display stand is made of acrylic, the back panel is screwed on the main body, it is easy to knock down and assemble. The flat package is a great way to save shipping costs. Logos are shown twice on the display stand to get more attention from shoppers.

How did we make the cosmetic display?

As you can see from the below pictures, we sent the rough drawing for the cosmetic display to Atina, and after confirming the design, we made a sample for her as the second picture in the below picture. We used pure white acrylic, which is commonly used for cosmetic display fixtures as it is clean and makes cosmetics outstanding.

The holes on the left side of the display stand are laser-cut. With smooth edges, they make no damage to the cosmetics package. The sides, with fencing, which make the products inside the display area. We sent the pictures with details of the sample to Atina, and she was satisfied, so an order of 220 pieces was followed.

And we controlled the quality during the production process and made the acrylic parts nice glued. Besides, acrylic products should be well protected during shipping.

And that’s why we arranged pallets before delivery. We used a top sheet to protect the cosmetics from treading. And added the tapes to strengthen the corner protectors.

That makes the shipping safer. The 220 cartons were loaded on 3 pallets, 78 cartons per pallet.

cosmetic display pallet

And so you can see from the below pictures, the cosmetic display safe and sound arrived the destination, so they work as a silent salesman in the retail stores.

And Atina’s beautiful smile told us that we had done a good job. And thanks to Atina for sharing her nice photo with us.

cosmetic display stand

And Atina shared her photo in life with us. She is easygoing and loves life.

cosmetic display buyer


What did we learn from this project?

  1. The function is key important in the design process.
  2. Understanding customer needs is prior.
  3. Safe packing is important.

What kind of cosmetics displays can we make?

In fact, except for the countertop cosmetic display we made, we made another floor display stand for Atina to make a full container of cosmetics displays.

Below is the floor cosmetic display stand which is made of wood with casters, you can find more details under the category of cosmetics products, or just click below here:

Natural Looking Wooden Cosmetic Display Stand for ICON BEAUTY


cosmetic display

If you need to see more designs or customize displays for your cosmetics or customize displays for your products, we can help you. Just mail to jh@bwsdisplays.com, we will contact you within 24 hours.


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