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2-tiered Bold Hair Extension Display Rack for Fredrik from France

2022-02-21  |  By BWS

Where is the hair extension display rack used for?

The hair extension display rack is used for hair salons and fashion boutiques as well as hair products retail stores, hair stores, hair shops, beauty & personal care stores and fashion stores. They display the hair products with their full beauty. The hair extension is always made of human hair, which is a long time lasting.

How many ways to display hair extensions?

There are many ways to display hair extensions, you can hang them on the wall, put them on mannequin heads,  or hang them on racks. The most effective way is using custom displays, which the elegant stands create your extensions will be the talking point of the salon with your customers. Besides, using custom displays in the stores create curiosity with your customers on questions they may have never asked about what type is best suited for them. They can choose the right length and right color of the hair extension by themselves.

What type of hair extension display rack was Fredrik looking for?

The customer Fredrik found our design reference below. The countertop hair extension display rack is with the custom brand logo BALMAIN HAIR. It is a powder-coated silver color with adjustable height.

hair extension display rack


And Fredrik has hair shops in France. She asked us whether we could make custom hair extension displays for her. She needed about 50 hair display racks for her shops. And she has her own brand logo, she needed her logo shown at the top of the display. Besides, to be convenient for customers to choose from, she needed the display rack to be movable. The package of her hair extensions is with a hook. Her hair extensions are in different colors and sizes, so she would like to display the hair extensions in two rows to give more choices for customers.

What did we make for Fredrik?

To meet her needs, we designed the hair extension display rack as below. The construction is simple while it can display hair extensions in 2 layers. The material of the display rack is round metal tubes. The header is fixed on the top with screws. And custom logo Endless Hair is shown on both sides. To meet the movable function, we added 4 wheels with brakes at the base. The wheels make it easy to move around, while the brakes make the display stand stay at the same time stable and sturdy.

And we know the customers always sit to choose the hair extensions, so we did not design the display rack to be very high, but nearly shoulder size, 1470mm.

hair extension display rack

In order to give a different look of the same design, we suggested Fredrik make the hair extension display rack be two colors, powder-coated black and silver which give a clean and nice look. And she accepted our suggestion. So we made 25 pieces in black, 25 pieces in silver.

hair extension display rack

Below is the process of making the hair extension displays from reference design to rough drawing and to mass production. The final picture shows the silver color display rack with hair extensions.

hair extension display rack

In order to save shipping costs, we designed the display rack in a flat package. And the assembly instructions were in the carton of the displays. It is easy to set up the display rack by following the instructions.

Is Fredrik satisfied with the display rack?

As you can see from the below picture, Fredrik stood aside from the hair extension, her smiling face is just shining and telling us she is satisfied with the hair extension display rack we made for her. The display racks work well in her shop with the brand logo, which gets more attention.

hair extension display stand

How to make your customized display rack?

You just need to share with us your requirements or reference design, we will understand your needs and give the right display solution. You can mail us at jh@bwsdisplays.com or give us a call at 008613925765496. We are a factory of custom displays in China, we will give you direct factory price.


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