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3-tired Faith Bullet Display Stand for Buyer Florian From Germany

2022-02-21  |  By BWS

Where does the bullet display stand work for?

This bullet display stand is designed for hunting products stores. Hunting is a very popular sport. The buyer is H&N sport, which has nearly 200 years of history in pellets and bullets in Germany.

How did we design the bullet display stand?

We communicated with the buyer Florian closely and understood that the bullets are packed in a round metal box. And he needed to bullets be displayed on the tabletop.

And he told us their brand logo should be on the display stand and there should be a place for brochures. And we designed according to customers need, as you can see from below picture., we took care of the details that the buyer cares about.

bullet display stand

What is the feature of the bullet display stand?

This display stand is made of metal and with custom graphics on the header and the bottom fencing. The header is fixed by metal screws, so it is interchangeable. In order to keep the bullets in order, we designed metal wire to separate the display into 4 parts. And each part can hold 8 boxes. To display 96 boxes at the same time, we made the bullet display stand to be 3-tier. The main body of the display is made of metal sheets that are strong enough to hold 96 boxes of bullets through the bullet is made of metal.

To meet the brochure holding function, we added a pocket on the right side. Black is a very common color and it is easy to clean. So the finishing is powder-coated black. In this color, it is easy to clean. To keep the display stand stable on the tabletop, we added non-slip pads under the base. Here is the photo of them.

Why did we get the thumb up from Florian?

It took around one month from prototyping to after mass production delivery, we confirmed all the details with Florian with the sample before mass production. And we updated producing process 2 times a week, to make him know the latest status of the bullet display stand. We sent him the photos from different angels after assembling. Our engineers measured the dimensions and checked the finishing and graphics to make the display stand looks perfect. That’s what Florian was looking for.

Safe packages and shipping are also important in every project. We used plastic bags to wrap the display stand after knocking down and put them in the carton with foam protecting on four sides. The flat package saves shipping costs.

bullet display stand

And the assembling instructions were in the carton of the bullet display stand, the colorful instructions were in every carton with every display stand. With all the part list and screwdriver, clear steps one by one. It only took a few minutes to finish the assembly.

bullet display stand

What did we learn from this project?

The final result was satisfactory to Florian, while we did learn a lot from this project. As the first order was 500 sets, it really took time to assemble all of them and check one by one.  We found a better way that’s we check the details 3 times during the production. And there was a color difference for the graphics, we used the Pantone card to make the match.

Above is one of the cases we made for the German customers, as we all know, Germany has high requirements on quality. And We did our best to make the bullet display stand to meet the customer’s needs.

If you like to start your next project with us, we will do all our best to make you satisfied too. The custom display we make is a good choice for in-store merchandising. Contact us now, mail to jh@bwsdisplays.com


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