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Creative Water Display Stand Beer Display Visual Merchandising

2022-02-16  |  By BWS

Why do we make water display stand rendering?

The rendering gives a direct overall appearance to customers to check how the beers, wines, waters and other drink products look like on display stands.

The rendering can help the customers to brand merchandising and brand building. With the brand logo on the water display stand rendering,  the display stand gets more attention from shoppers.

What’s the feature of the water display stand?

The above picture shows what the water bottles look like when they are on the display stand. The rendering shows how many layers of the display stand, how many water bottles can be displayed on every layer. Besides, the material of the water display stand is seen from the rendering. The metal body with K shape box for storage. These 4 metal shelves are detachable to the back panel which with holes for holding the shelves.  The K-shape wood box gives us a natural feeling which the water is made.  The header is with the brand logo, which is building the brand.

Above is what the display stand looks like from the left side with water bottles.

Here is the right side of the display stand when the water bottles are on the display stand.

This shows how the shelves are attached to the back panel. Besides, the logo is printed on the front of the shelves. And each shelf can hold 15 bottles of water at the same time.

The empty water display stand shows more details, the color, the material, the shelves are all shown. The logo is printed on the front edge of the shelves.

The right side of the display stand without water bottles on gives us another new look. The side design is different from the left side.

Here is the how the water bottle display stand is made of. The K shape wood box, 4 metal shelves, white front back panel, purple metal frame,  the header sign, all tell us the construction of the display stand, and it also shows that the display stand can be the knock-down package.


The last one is really reminding us that the water bottles are impressive when they are on the display stands.


What’s the application of the display stand?

The display stand is functional, it can display more than water bottles, it also can display beer bottles, wine bottles, and more in brand stores, supermarkets, and shopping malls.


How to make the custom water display stand rendering for you?

BWS sales team will contact you to understand your detailed needs.  We start with your water products or other drinks. We will understand the size and features of your products, and get the specification of your water products or other drink products.

Second, we need to understand your requirements for the water display stand that you are looking for. The color, the construction, the size, the material, the finishing, the package, the assembly, we will consider all these factors which you may concern, to give you suggestions or follow your requirements to make the rendering.

We know the rendering is the first impression that you will see as if you are a shopper.  And you will know what the shoppers feel about your products on the display stands.


How long does it take to make the rendering of the water display stand?

It always takes one to two workdays to make the rendering after you confirm all the details of the water display stand.  And you also can modify or change the design after you review the water display stand.

BWS is good at making custom displays for retail stores. If you need more designs and more ideas or rendering for a creative beer display, you can contact us anytime.


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