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Useful Mobile Store Display Phone Accessories Display Rack with Player

2022-02-18  |  By BWS

What does the mobile store display rendering do?

The mobile store display phone accessories display rack rendering is a visual solution to check whether your phone accessories can be stand out to catch the attention of shoppers and creating engagement is another way to shout your brand.


What does the rendering tell?

This mobile store display phone accessories display rack includes using a unique combination of materials, wood, metal, acrylic, creatively using bright and eye-catching colors,  the digital media players tell a compelling story and brand culture of Tello. With detachable hooks on both sides, the display rack can display different accessories according to your display needs, such as earphones, phone cases, chargers, batteries, and more.

The rendering also shows how the phone accessories display rack creates an element of surprise is a proven way to differentiate your POP display while also creating a memorable experience for the shopper. Below is the overall look of the mobile store display phone accessories display rack. The orange laser-cut header is building brand.

phone accessories display rack

The left side of the display rack shows the side is wrapped with an orange frame.

phone accessories display rack

So does the right side of the display rack, it just tells you how the shoppers feel when they look.

phone accessories display rack

Here you can see the display rack shows phone accessories on both sides, front and back, which saves space.

phone accessories display rack

Without the phone accessories, you can have a direct look at the display rack, how the hooks are attached to the back panel, how many hooks are on the display rack, what color the hooks are, all the details you can not miss.

Below top parts shows the construction of the header and what material is used for the header.

And this separated construction makes you understand how the player is attached to the back panel.

So for the hooks. It is easy to be added to the back panel according to different display needs.

And the know-down construction as below gives you the general idea about how will the mobile store display phone accessories display rack is made of and how it will be assembled.

mobile store display

Where does the display rack be used?

The mobile store display is used in brand mobile stores, shops, electronics shops, and other retail environments.


How to make your custom display rack?

The rendering helps you make the decision whether the display rack is what you are looking for. It is easy for our team to make the rendering for you. But you need to share with us the information as below.

  1. What products do you like to display? If you can express samples of your products or give us the picture of your products or the dimension of your products, it is better.
  2. How many products do you like to display on the display rack?  If you need to display your products as many as the display can, we can design the display rack with 4 sides displaying. And it should be floor standing style. If you do display less, a 3-way display rack, a double-sided display rack,  or a single side display rack may work for you.
  3. Where do you like to use the display rack?  If you need a people-height display stand, the floor display stand will be a good choice. But if you like the products to be displayed on the tabletop, then the countertop display rack is the best choice.
  4. What material do you prefer to make the custom display rack? BWS is a factory in China with a variety of materials, wood, MDF, metal, acrylic, paper or cardboard are all available.
  5. What construction of the display rack do you like? If you need simple displays, we will make the simple design, if you need more than simple, we can add led lighting, locks, casters, and more with the display racks to meet your needs.
  6. Normally, we use a knock-down design for custom display racks to save packing costs and shipping costs. If you need us to assemble the display racks, we will well pack the display rack in a safe carton, and a pallet or protect corner will be added.


If you need to change or modify the rendering, you just need to contact us. Mail to jh@bwsdisplays.com, we will give you the right solution within a week.


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