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Remarkable Toy Display Shelf 4-tiered Photography

2022-02-21  |  By BWS

Why do we need photo displays?

Photographs play an important role in our life. It is a kind of way to connect us with the past. The photos remind us of people, places, feelings, and stories. They can help us to know who we are.

The displays including the toy display shelf we share here today are all customized according to the customers’ needs. So every display design is special, taking photos for the displays is a nice way of memory. Besides, taking photos with the products before mass production gives the clients a previous impression of how the displays work.

Photography helps us to know what the display looks like and what we change during the past.  Below is an example we take photos of the custom toy display shelf.

How to photograph the toy display shelf?

  1. We need the make the sample of the toy display shelf you are looking for.
  2. We get some samples of your products or replacements of your products to put on the toy display shelf
  3. We take photos of the empty display shelf in overall and parts.
  4. We take the photos of the display shelf with products

What does the toy display shelf look like?

From the below photos, you can see how the toys are displayed on the display shelf, it is just like used in your retail stores.

toy display shelf

From the above photo, you have the overall appearance of the display shelf. Which is made of metal wire with PVC sides graphics and an interchangeable header.

The finishing of the display shelf is the powder-coated remarkable color red. It is a color of active and enthusiastic. It is the color that kids like.

toy display shelf

The side graphic is in delightful color with animals graphics, which is attractive for kids. The five-tiered shelf can hold many toys at the same time.

toy display shelf

The colorful side graphics really nice to kids, and the brand Adoptipals is shown on the graphics, which helps parents notice the toys from distance.

toy display shelf

The interchangeable header is with brand logo Sandimals in double sides, which is lovely and durable.

toy display shelf

Details are important to show the quality of the toy display shelf as well as the quality of the toys. A qualified display shelf will add confidence to the quality of the toys.

toy display shelf

Without products, the display shelf is just standing in front of you. The construction of the displays shelf is clearer. The metal wire grid basket shelf is enough for displaying the different sizes of toys.

toy display shelf

The backside of the display shelf is different than the above front side. You can the first difference is the graphics.

Different colors and animal images on the graphics make a big fresh look to kids.

toy display shelf

Viewing the toy display shelf from the sides, you can find the capacity of the display shelf. Whether the display shelf can stand stably.

toy display shelf

The above photo shows you how the wire baskets are added to the display shelf, eight screws do the nice work. Besides, you can see the finishing is smooth and nice.

toy display shelf

This photo tells you how the header is added to the main body. You just need to insert the metal wire to the holes of the sides.

toy display shelf

Here, the sides’ graphics are interchangeable, you can insert and draw out the graphics from the U-slot.

The heart shape graphics give us the feeling of love and friendship among animals.

toy display shelf

Above shows the metal tubes of the display shelf, they are round which is safe for kids.  Kids are active, they may run or even chase each other in stores, the round tubes do no harm to kids.  That is one of the key points we considered when we design this toy display shelf.

Do we send the photo to you?

Yes, we will send the photos to customers before the display arrives at the destination. Of course, we will not share the design if the design is from the customers.

We make all kinds of display shelves, display racks, display stands, display units for toy merchandising. If you need help, contact us now.

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